UNOAU attends ATMIS Joint Technical Assessment in Mogadishu, Somalia

25 Aug 2023

UNOAU attends ATMIS Joint Technical Assessment in Mogadishu, Somalia

From 16 to 25 August, UNOAU participated in the Joint Technical Assessment (JTA) of ATMIS in Somalia led by the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) and the Africa Union (AU).

The Assessment Team included experts from the FGS, the AU Peace Support Operations Division (PSOD), ATMIS, UNSOM, UNSOS and UNOAU. The assessment evaluated the impact of the Phase 1 drawdown including the achievements, lessons and risks, and assessed the plan and timeline for Phase 2.

The JTA report is expected to be finalized by 31 August and presented to the UN Security Council on 15 September as per the UNSC Resolution 2687. However, the finalization of the report would necessitate mutual agreement between the FGS and the AU on the major issues including the timescale of Phase 2 troops drawdown and the types of uniformed personnel (either only military or a combination of military and police) to be drawn down.

Besides, as per the UNSCR 2628 and 2670, and ATMIS Concept of Operations (CONOPS), this JTA also worked on a limited scale to determine whether the mission has fulfilled the requirements and achieved the benchmarks of Phase 1; and are on course in achieving the benchmarks of Phase 2 to progress to Phase 3 starting from 1 October.